Why do I need an appraisal?

You’ve spent a lifetime buying beautiful and valuable objects to decorate your home and to commemorate special occasions. Your good taste and investment decisions should be protected. Many people don’t realize how much their things are worth and how much it might cost to replace them in case of loss or an accident.

Insurance: Coverage of fine art as listed personal property or in blanket coverage will protect you from loss of value due to damage, loss, deterioration and other risks. If you don’t have up to date valuations,  insurance companies may only compensate you for the original cost. We can prepare statements of value for replacement, with future projections in mind, so you can take advantage of appreciation in value when you go to replace items.

Donation and Sale: Sound tax planning may benefit from donation of your artwork as a “Donation In Kind” to a charitable organization. Often the amount you can realize through donation is more than you can receive through sale at auction. Recipients of your donations may require an appraisal before issuing a tax receipt. We can also help arrange donations to appropriate charities.

Equitable Estate Division: Artwork can be gifted to children and heirs. Knowing the value makes the distribution fair and you can be ensured that your heirs know the value of the bequests.

Fair Market Value: We can tell you what your art collection might be worth in the current market, with factors such as condition, age, reputation of the artist, and current market conditions in mind. You may then decide the best course of action to take in selling or gifting your art objects.


What is CPPAG?

CPPAG is a Canadian made, national, personal property appraisal organization comprising a network of accredited appraisers spanning from coast to coast. CPPAG provides personal property appraisal training and accreditation to its members who come from a diversity of backgrounds including: auctioneers, bailiffs, insurance industry, antique and equipment dealers, accounting and financial institutions and lawyers.

How often should I update

my appraisal?

We recommend that our clients update their appraisals every five years. At the very least, a ten year schedule should be maintained, but for high value items whose values may fluctuate, we recommend a more frequent update.

I have a piece by a certain artist, can you tell me how much it is worth?

While we are experts in our field, we can’t tell you an item’s worth without seeing it. We offer site visits if you can’t bring an item into the gallery. Have a lot of artwork? We can photograph and catalogue your collection while we appraise its value. Contact us to make an appointment. 

Your works of art and collectibles need to be professionally evaluated for several reasons:

insurance, market values, estate division, donations, and other applications.

*Fees for appraisals are based on the amount of time needed to complete the report. A firm estimate is provided before the appraisal is started.